Insurance Coverage for Vein Treatment

vein treatment in chattanooga tn


Aetna (National Policy)
Anthem Blue Cross
BlueCross BlueShield Association
BlueCross Blue Shield AK, WA (Premera)
BlueCross BlueShield AR, LA
BlueCross CA
BlueCross BlueShield CT
BlueCross BlueShield IL
BlueCross BlueShield Iowa (Wellmark)
BlueCross BlueShield MA
BlueCross BlueShield MD (CareFirst)
BlueCross BlueShield MI
BlueCross BlueShield MN
BlueCross BlueShield MO (Wellmark)
BlueCross BlueShield NM
BlueCross BlueShield NC
BlueCross BlueShield NY (Empire)
BlueCross BlueShield PA (Highmark)
BlueCross BlueShield SC (Wellmark)
BlueCross BlueShield SD


BlueCross BlueShield TX
BlueCross BlueShield UT (Regence)
Cigna Health Care
Empire Medical Services NY, NJ
Federated Mutual Insurance Company (Encompass Hth Mgt Systems)
HealthLink MO, IL, KY, WV, AR, Iowa, IN)
HealthNet NE
Horizon BlueCross
Humana (National Recommendation)
Humana TriCare
Keystone (IBX)
Medicare AL (Calhaba)
Medicare AZ, CO, HA, IO, ND, SD, OR,WA,WY,NV,AK (Noridian)
Medicare CT
Medicare FL (Firstcoast)
Medicare GA (Cabaha)
Medicare Idaho (Cigna Part B)
Medicare IL, WI, MI, MN (WPS)

EVLA [Endovenous Laser Therapy] Insurance Coverage FAQ

Most carriers (including Medicare) provide coverage for EVLA. We have included a list of payors who have a written coverage policy for EVLA. In the event that your carrier is not on this list, you may find it helpful to contact your carrier’s customer service representative. S/he may be able to answer this question for you. Coverage for EVLA is subject to the terms of your coverage policy. Co-payments and deductibles may be applied.

Q: Will insurance cover EVLA for everyone?
A: No. Carriers will cover EVLA only when medically necessary. Patients must demonstrate symptomatic venous reflux disease. That is:
1. Pain, swelling, leg cramps, ulcers, bleeding from varicosities
2. Presence of venous reflux on ultrasound scan


Q: If I have symptoms of venous reflux disease, are there any other criteria that must be satisfied before I can get coverage?
A: In addtion to medical need, some carriers require a period (3- 6 months) of conservative therapy (compression stockings, elevation of legs, possibly weight loss) before providing coverage for EVLA

Q: What should I do if the claim is denied?
A: You should begin by reviewing the ‘explanation of benefits’ (EOB) for a reason for the denial. If the EOB does not explain the reason for denial, you should contact the claims department and request an explanation. All insurance carriers and payers have an appeals process. Inquire into the process for appeal, including where and to whom the appeal should be sent. If further assistance is needed, you may contact us for assistance.

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