EVLA Laser Therapy for Varicose Veins in Chattanooga

varicose veins and spider veins

The bulging blue and sprawling ropy varicose veins that prompted your “ no shorts” rule can now be effectively resolved without fear of surgery, pain or long recovery periods thanks to the leg saving Endovenous Laser Ablation treatment [EVLA].

Dr. James E. White, at Advanced Surgical Concepts offers EVLA to patients with varicose veins instead of the “stripping” surgical procedures that required multiple incisions and faulty veins to be cut out. The old stripping surgery required General anesthesia, hospitalization and up to 2 weeks of recovery time. With the new laser procedure, neither is necessary.

“The results have been amazing because it’s virtually instantaneous,” said Toni Ryan, Certified Nurse Practitioner with Advanced Surgical Concepts. “By the time we finish the procedure, the ropy varicose veins have shrunk and are much less pronounced.” The laser treatment cost less than traditional surgery for varicose veins, usually takes one hour to complete and can be administered at our office without general anesthesia. There is minimal scarring related to the procedure.

EVLA Laser Therapy for Veins: The Procedure

Our office has a registered diagnostic medical ultrasound technologist who first maps out the veins to determine the site of the faulty valves and their relationship to the patient’s varicose veins. The veins are not constant like arteries; each person has a unique vein pattern and unique varicose vein problems. Before and after photographs are taken of the varicose veins. A personalized attack plan is then completed with the ultrasound map to allow efficient eradication of vein varicose veins; this plan is then discussed with the patient prior to the laser procedure. Our office works closely with insurance carriers to prove to the insurance company that the Laser procedure is medically necessary and not just for cosmetic reasons. If medically necessary, the procedure is covered by most insurance plans as well as Medicare.

The day of the laser procedure, ultrasound is used to map out the main veins. After a local anesthetic is applied, a thin laser fiber passes through a needle injected into the leg (usually near the knee). The faulty vein or veins are then sealed using laser techniques. The needle is removed and a procedure is over. The legs are then wrapped for a short period of time. Sometimes, the laser procedure is used in conjunction with sclerotherapy; where a sclerosing solution is injected into small spider veins. This causes the small veins to seal. This allows for a better cosmetic final result.

EVLA Vein Treatment: Recovery

Ryan said normal daily activity can resume almost immediately after treatment and walking is encouraged. “Most patients have the procedure completed and are back to work within 2 days ” said Ryan.

“Clinical studies have shown that EVLA laser therapy has a 98% initial success rate with excellent long-term results,” Dr. White said. “We have completed more than14000 EVLA procedures with excellent results.” Ryan says insurance companies often cover the procedure. But, before you stop shopping for shorts again, your condition first needs to being properly evaluated to ensure that you are a candidate for EVLA laser therapy. This procedure is not for spider veins. It is not for cosmetic reasons. The patients who are best candidates for EVLA laser therapy have significant ropy varicose veins which cause the symptoms of burning, stinging, heavy leg sensations along with leg swelling, and who have failed more conservative treatment options.

“Traditional surgery still has its advantages for some (more severe) cases,” White said. Not every patient is a good candidate for EVLA, but it does work well for most-95% of patients. Based on the detailed ultrasound, we will be able to find out if the EVLA procedure would be the right course of action for each individual patient. Other more advanced surgical options are available through our surgery office”.

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